Home Buyers Pre-Purchase Inspection

The pre-purchase inspection is designed to help buyers who are making the final decision on an existing home purchase. Our visual home inspection includes a detailed report on the condition of the homes systems such as: Structure, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & AC Systems, Interior, Exterior, Roof, Insulation and Safety concerns.

Please familiarize yourself with the OAHI Standards of Practice which outlines what the inspection entails, as well as its limitations and exclusions. Below is a brief outline of our service.

House Draft


The structural inspection is an overview of the visible components including the foundation and framing. The report describes the types of foundation, floor, wall and attic construction methods.


The exterior inspection is an assessment of the wall coverings, flashings, trim, all exterior doors, decks, balconies, steps, porches and their railings. It also includes eaves, soffits and fascia if accessible from the ground level. An evaluation of the grading, surface drainage, vegetation, and retaining walls is included if any of these are likely to adversely affect the building. Walkways, patios, and driveways leading to the homes entrances are inspected as well.


The roof inspection includes the roof covering, drainage systems, flashings, skylights, chimneys and roof penetrations. It is our intention to walk all roofs which are deemed safe and accessible. Roof access is at the sole discretion of the inspector. Working safely and potential material damage may restrict the method of inspection.


The plumbing inspection is an overview of the interior water distribution and waste systems including fixtures and faucets. The water heating equipment is inspected including its venting systems, fuel storage and distribution. The sump pump, drainage pump, and related plumbing is also inspected.


The electrical inspection includes the service drop, service entrance conductors, service equipment, service grounding, conductors, and overcurrent protection devices. We will test a representative number of lighting fixtures, switches, receptacles, and the ground fault circuit interrupters. The report includes the service size, wiring methods, the presence of solid conductor aluminum branch wiring, and the absence of smoke detectors.


The heating and its venting systems are evaluated. Our report will describe the energy source, heating method and age of the systems.

Air Conditioners

Weather permitting the inspection includes an evaluation of the cooling systems.  The report will describe the cooling method and the age of the system.


The inspection includes an assessment of the walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, handrails and guards. It also includes countertops and a representative number of cabinets, doors, and windows. The garage door and its opener are tested for operation and safety.

Insulation and Ventilation

We will inspect the insulation and vapour retarders in unfinished spaces and the attic & foundation ventilation. Mechanical ventilation systems are also inspected.


The visual fireplace inspection is limited to the accessible system components and venting systems, flues, and chimneys. Since many of the important components of a fireplace are concealed, we recommend a complete evaluation of all solid fuel burning appliances by a WETT certified technician prior to purchasing the home.

Home Sellers Pre-Listing Inspection

For home sellers who want to prepare their home for resale.  Reducing the likelihood that there are no unexpected last minute hurdles to closing the sale. Our visual inspection includes a detailed report on the same items as the Home Buyers Pre-Purchase Inspection. For a more detailed outline of what is included, and its limitations and exclusions, please see the OAHI Standards of Practice.

Home Buyers Pre-Offer Inspection

For home buyers who want to remove the inspection clause from their offer, but still want to understand the condition of the property prior to purchase.

Homeowner Post-Purchase Inspection

For homeowners who purchased a property without an inspection. A post purchase inspection will help you understand the condition of your new home and assist in budgeting for future maintenance costs.