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Mike did a great Job, I’m in the reno business but wanted a second set of eyes. He pointed out things I wouldn’t have noticed and because of his findings save me a ton of headaches down the road. I would recommend him anytime.”

– Bryan, Newmarket

Firstly, I must say I am one of those people that struggles to trust anyone, and am suspicious of everyone….. however, Mike’s transparency and great work ethic were evident within the first few minutes of meeting him. Excellent detailed inspection and report, well worth it. A star service.”

– Sarah, Brampton

Mike’s diligence prevented a virtual financial disaster for me and my family. His level of engagement and commitment to explaining every detail was incredible. He also consulted a community of experts to give the best interpretations of complicated problems. I will use him in the next inspection, even if it is out of town..”

– Jesse Bazzul, Guelph

Mike conducted a thorough inspection of my new home. It did not matter how big or small the anomaly was, he pointed it out and suggested to me what to do about it. He was not afraid to get dirty; if it came to be within the scope of his job, then that’s what he did. I truly felt that someone whom I just met was looking out for me. I would like to call him back so he can tell me again what all the switches are down in the basement do, but am too embarrassed to!”

– Yolanda Pingos, Breslau

Mike Heeley of Heeley Home Inspections came out to inspect an old home I am wanting to renovate for a quick turnover. As a contractor; I am used to the average inspector coming over and doing an average inspection. Mike is far from average. He brings energy, excitement, and a broad knowledge of homes and neighborhoods to his inspections. Mike is a delight to work with and truly a professional whom loves his work and it shows. I highly recommend him for any buyer investor or for themselves.”

– Mark, Kitchener

We had a custom home built and our son suggested that we hire Mike Heeley to attend the final inspection with us. We had never considered needing a professional inspector on a new home but we sure are glad that we hired Mike. Mike was already at the house doing an exterior inspection when we arrived for our appointment. He walked us around both inside and out and showed us the deficiencies and things that were incomplete. He explained in layman’s terms what we need to be concerned about and what we needed to have changed. Our builder was impressed with Mike’s knowledge and professionalism. Mike is an excellent communicator and the builder accepted Mike’s findings without apprehension. We would never have known to look for some of the things that Mike checked out for us. We highly recommend that anyone closing on a new home, have Mike complete their final inspection. It was money well spent for us. Thank you Mike”

– Patti Ingram, Guelph

As a first time home buyer, Mike helped make the process way less stressful then I thought it would be. During the inspection I felt very comfortable asking questions and was never made to feel silly for asking something that may be obvious to other people. The detailed report I was given is great. It has outlined exactly what steps I should take to preserve the life of my home. I would highly recommend Heeley Home Inspection to anyone.”

– Becky Branton, Waterloo

Once meeting Mike you will not be disappointed. He is a very professional individual who is quite easy to talk with and his explanations of certain issues are very precise and straightforward. You will not be disappointed with Mike as he truly gets dirty while performing his tasks. Very thorough and knowledgeable and I have given his name to many of our friends and family members. Also, the detailed reports are excellent and he forwards these reports ASAP! We were very impressed and will use Heeley Home Inspections in the future. “

– Stacy and Dwight Romans, Guelph

I am a retired senior who like many decided to downsize. Mike was the home inspector chosen by my purchaser. I sat eavesdropping whenever possible filled with nervous excitement as Mike inspected every corner and inch of my house from the top of the roof to the basement. Sitting in the living, I heard him give a summary to the purchaser and was impressed by his prioritizing how the integrity and the well-being for my house could be successfully continued for the next few years. He pointed out the positive, as well as concerns. I was so impressed with his thoroughness that I decided to have him inspect my new condo. He was equally as thorough and answered all my questions and concerns for my new home. He featured things that I never even considered. He was professional, polite, knowledgeable, and demonstrated a genuine concern for my having a good understanding of what to expect in my new home. Without hesitation, I would recommend him to inspect your new home to prepare you for a happy life in your new home. “

– Jack L. Garlent, Guelph

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